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Liberal Housing Plan to Criminalize Home Sellers

Tuesday Aug 24th, 2021


Today, the Liberal Party of Canada announced their housing plan in the 2021 Canadian Election.

Under the plan, they are proposing to use the criminal code of Canada to ban the use of “blind” or traditional offer processes for home sales.

This proposed change would criminalize a homeowner’s right to sell their home how they want, essentially mandating forced housing auctions for all Canadians.

OREA and all Canadians are rightly concerned about rising home prices and the shortage of new listings and new homes in Canada. But we cannot fix Canada’s housing crisis by denying millions of hardworking families the choice of how to sell their home and pitting homeowners against buyers.

While we are pleased to see all federal parties come forward with policy to address the housing crisis, this proposed change is a dangerous erosion of the rights of Canadians to buy and sell property.

We encourage you to talk to your local candidates and discuss this issue online to raise awareness about why this divisive policy will make our housing crisis worse.

Share and retweet OREA’s statement on the Liberal Housing Plan to Criminalize Hardworking Families with your social networks today. Let’s work together to keep federal party policies and platforms focused on increasing housing supply to meet demand, rather than knee-jerk reactions that could inadvertently worsen Canada’s housing crisis.

Read and share OREA’s statement here.


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